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Stretch 1 Lunge with Rotation Goal: This movement is designed to duplicate the trunk rotation involved in the swing while stretching the hip flexors.

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Art directorThe art director establishes the conceptual and stylistic direction for design staff and orchestrates their work, as well as the work of production artists, photographers, illustrators, prepress technicians, printers and anyone else who is involved in the development of a project.

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The project Album Colors Of The Year by Marcos Rodriguez and Zé Felipe draws attention to this design genre by showcasing the best covers of 2015. But the site is much more than only a showcase: the covers are arranged by color and hovering over one of them reveals the hex color value of its dominant color. A treasure chest for any designer. Could there be a better source for some fresh color inspiration?Cover design and hex color inspiration — a powerful combination. Image credit: Album Colors Of The YearGraphic Design On A Square InchStamps are boring?Not at all. They are the perfect example that great design doesn’t need a lot of space to fully unfold. For a fresh view on stamps, one that breaks with the widespread idea of a stamp collecting nerd, the Punk Philatelist is your place to go. The blog celebrates the passion with which artists create those tiny works of art and looks at the stamp collectors community with a wink. And if that’s not enough inspiration yet, the Postage Stamps collection on Flickr will keep you busy for quite a while, too. Eye candy par excellence. We use them daily without paying a lot of attention to them, yet they are one of the most challenging things to design: banknotes. Now one thing I like to think about graphic design, when people say, "Well can it change the world?" is yes, it can, and it doesn't change it like working for Green Peace and saving whales, but it does change it in terms of you do a good job and it makes a company more successful, that's the real point of this, is to help others succeed, that's the core of graphic design, we work other individuals and companies and help them along a little bit, kind of make their lives easier to sell a product or communicate an idea. Now that idea can be in the service of a branding exercise, a poster, information graphics, television, broadcast graphics, title sequences, you can do interactive design, experience design and figure out the way someone actually moves through the space and how they interpret that information. The media isn't as important as the concept itself and that's where good graphic design really takes hold, smart ideas that communicate a clear message and do it with skill and craft. It's important to understand there is an actual process and take it step by step. You've gotta learn how to sketch, how to come up with ideas, how to draw, how to use typography, how to work with color in new ways, and those are all basic skills. The first thing I do on any project is sit down and start sketching.

graphic design portfolio front cover

In the book NO MORE RULES both American and non American designers have produced work which relate to postmodernism and its themes, would reject the term strongly. In Poynor’s opinion for some designers, postmodernism is too closely identified with a particular historicist style of architecture current in the 1980s and it is consequently rejected on the grounds of aesthetic taste as much as anything. As I looked further in to what poynor had to say about postmodernism, I came across a vary interesting paragraph, in which I totally agreed with. He wrote “The products of postmodern culture may sometimes bear similarities to modernist works, but their inspiration and purpose is fundamentally different. If modernism south to create a better would, postmodernism – to the horror of many observers – appears to accept the world as it is”. Then he went on to say “Where modernism frequently attacked commercial mass culture, claiming from its superior perspective to know what was best for people, postmodernism enters into a complicitous relationship with the dominant culture.