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That is far too vague and generic.

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A graphic designer must have strong artistic talent as well as a command of technology in order to communicate with others visually through print or electronic content.

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This group, much like The Four, embraced contour lines creating mystical shapes and they even included nude bodies, which of course, outraged the traditionalists.

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graphic designers 2017

Consequently, Deep Throat Studio merges nostalgia and utopia vs dystopia to create a typeface “that comes from the past to predict the near future, and maybe the future is happening now,” says the studio. To create a typeface with such a unique perspective unbound by time, the pair looked at the work of young typographer, Matej Vojtuš, basing its work on his typeface, Orion. Matej’s typeface spans time too as a digitisation of a very traditional typeface from 1960s Czechoslovakia by Stanislav Maršo. If you weren’t already in the mood for the summer holidays then NxWorries’ latest video is sure to get you daydreaming. Illustrated by Robin Velghe and animated by Andy Baker, and co directed by the two creatives, the video stars animated versions of Anderson. Paak and Knxwledge as they cruise through balmy LA with the car roof down, checking out beautiful ladies and sunsets alike along the way.